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World Cup 2002

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This is India's second World Cup.

In the 2000 World Cup, India fielded a Mens side. When Pakistan withdrew at a very late stage, some Indian under-23's combined with some South African under-23's to form the MTN Development Team, which played in Pakistan's place.

Although India did not win a game, the MTN Development team did (it beat India)

So India is not a complete newcomer to the World Cup.

However, the sport is in its infancy in India. Although rapid progress is being made, the number of players to choose from for a National team is extremely limited at this early stage of the sport's development in India.

India should see this World Cup as just another step along their path of development in the sport. And if they can pick up a couple of wins along the way . . .

Further testament to India's commitment to the sport's development is the recent announcement of two new international tournaments, both to be held in India.

If the current rate of development in the sub-continent can be maintained, India will reap handsome benefits in the near future--whilst the coming World Cup will not be the one, it's not too far-fetched to predict India will be a force to be reckoned with by World Cup 2006 in England.



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