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World Cup 2002

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Copyright on all photographs published on Indoor Cricket World is held by the photographer, Sheldon Levis (Indoor Cricket World, 2002), unless otherwise and specifically noted.

Photographs on Indoor Cricket World
All the photos taken by Indoor Cricket World over the World Cup were originally available on CD. Each CD featured a particular country and team.

Photos from this event are still available, Please contact Sheldon with any enquiries HERE

The thumbnails displayed on these pages are small images showing the photographs I took during the event.

Indoor Cricket World specialises in Internet coverage of major indoor cricket tournaments. In 2000 we provided up-to-the-minute coverage of the World Cup in South Africa, via mobile-phone contact from associates on site in South Africa. They'd phone the results through, and we'd have them published within minutes on Indoor Cricket World. It wasn't ideal, but it meant the scores were available to the world within minutes of each game's completion.
Then the World Masters was held in Perth, Western Australia, our home town.
Indoor Cricket World provided up-to-the-minute scores and eye-witness match reports directly from that tournament, and also published an extensive collection of photographs taken during the competition. It was our coverage of the International Masters that attracted the attention of the organisers of the 2002 World Cup, and an invitation was extended for us to travel to Wellington, New Zealand, to provide the official, on-the-spot internet coverage. The invitation was accepted, and here we are.


For the technically minded, the photographs on these pages were not taken using a digital camera. I use a Nikon FE2 SLR, with either a 28mm wide-angle or a Nikon 35-110mm zoom. The film is processed at a public processor, but instead of prints I have the photos burned onto CDs in high-resolution tiff format.
The photos are then loaded from the CD onto my laptop, converted into reasonably low-compression jpegs (compression factor of 20), resized, and then incorporated into the pages of Indoor Cricket World. It's a tad slower process, but the results are significantly better than a digital camera (SHELDON: okay, that was 2002. Nowdays I use the lastest full-frame Nikon Digital SLR cameras, and the new gear takes truly amazing on-court photographs).

Copyright 2002 Indoor Cricket World

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