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World Cup 2002

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Sri Lanka vs New Zealand, 2002 Indoor Cricket World Cup

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Men
Sri Lanka Women

Sri Lanka hold a unique record in the world of Indoor Cricket--they are the only team to have beaten the Australian Men in a Test Match (January 2002, in Sri Lanka) in the past decade.

If they were able to take that form into the World Cup, Sri Lanka would be a threat to any of the teams.

Coached by ex-Victorian Craig Slocombe, the Sri Lankans are held in hight esteem by many observers, amongst them Rod Chilcott, Western Australian Indoor Cricket Federation President. "I rank them at number 3 in the world" Rod remarked on his return from the Sri Lankan tour.

Whether they are able to maintain the sort of form that gained them such credibility is as yet unknown, but one thing appears certain--the Sri Lankans will not just be in New Zealand to make up the numbers.

A top-four finish for Sri Lanka is not out of the question. And if South Africa don't sort themselves out and do indeed fail to attend, we suspect Sri Lanka just might finish higher than fourth.




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