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England Men

The United Kingdom has a long history of participation in international Indoor Cricket, and has an impressive list of successes.

  • 1990 lost 1-5 against Australia
  • 1991 won 3-0 against South Africa
  • 1993 won 4-0 against South Africa
  • 1994 lost 0-2 against New Zealand
  • 1994 Tri-Nations against Aus and NZ
  • 1995 Ladies lost 0-3 to South Africa.
  • 1995 World Cup (in UK).
  • 1998 Masters, won 2-1 against South Africa
  • 1998 World Cup (in Aus)
  • 1999 Masters, lost 0-3 to South Africa
  • 2000 won Masters Tri-Nation against South Africa and Australia

  • 2000 World Cup (in South Africa), during which the England Women won their first international matches (both against New Zealand--in the Qualifying Round and again in the Third-Place Playoff), finishing Third overall. The England Men finished third after the qualifying rounds, but lost to South Africa in the Third-Place Playoff, thereby finishing Fourth overall.


Despite this long involvement in the international scene, England has not tasted a lot of World Cup success.

Unfortunately, for reasons we have yet to establish, the England Women's team will not be competing at this year's World Cup. After their hugely improved showing at the last World Cup, this is a disappointing development. It would appear their chance to build on that success has been squandered, and it may be extremely difficult for them to regain the momentum they would have most certainly brough to New Zealand with them.

The England Men beat South Africa in one game at World Cup 2000, then were thrashed by them in the Third-Place Playoff. England will be looking for a win against South Africa again, but must beat New Zealand and/or Australia to improve on their World Cup 2000 result--assuming that is that England can deal with the new challenge from Sri Lanka and, to a leser extent, India. Unfortunately for England, Sri Lanka may just be the fly in the ointment that England don't need.



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