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PhotoCDs for Sale

All photographs taken at the 2003 World Masters and 19 & Under Junior International are available on CD.

Each Teams' photographs have been scanned from the original negatives and burned onto CD. This allows you to view the photographs on your PC. You can then print out those photographs you choose, or take the CD along to your local Photo-Processor and have them make the prints for you.

Each photograph on the CDs is configured to print out at approximately the "standard" size of 10" x 8" (approx 25 x 20cms). Prints smaller than this can of course be made. Configuring the prints to this larger size not only allows highest quality larger prints to be made--it also allows high-quality cropping of small sections of the photographs, as I have done extensively on the photos appearing on the World Masters pages of Indoor Cricket World.

Team CDs available are:

  • Over 30 Women
  • Over 30 Women
  • Over 30 Women
  • Over 35 Men
  • Over 35 Men
  • Over 35 Men
  • Over 35 Men
  • Over 35 Men
  • 19&Under Girls
  • 19&Under Girls
  • 19&Under Girls
  • 19&Under Boys
  • 19&Under Boys
  • 19&Under Boys

Team CDs feature all photographs taken involving members of each individual team. Each one also includes general shots taken at the Art Centre before the Opening Ceremony took place. Team CDs are available for purchase now.

Team CDs are $125 Australian each, which includes posting anywhere in the world. Discounts apply for multiple purchases

Discounts for multiple purchases:
2 CDs = $230
3 CDs = $300
4 CDs = $360

FULL TEAM SETS of all four Team CDs for Australia, South Africa and New Zealand are also available for $350 Australian.

Special Souvenir Commemorative CD.
Orders are also being taken for a special commemorative PhotoCD. This CD will feature hundreds of carefully selected photographs involving all teams, including those that best capture both this particular tournament and the best aspects of our wonderful sport.
Ask for more details when you email us.

Commemorative CD $145 Australian each.

To order your CDs, email us HERE

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