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If it's indoors, and it's in New Zealand, Action Indoor Sports Stadiums has it covered




ANZAC Day, 2003

The day's competition began with Australia Over 35 Men recording a big win over the noticeably improving Sri Lankans. Sri Lanka have one more game tonight, one last opportunity for us all to watch the new kids on the block. A nicer bunch of blokes you'd be hard to find, and the exciting thing is, they're here to stay.

With another couple of top-level competitions under their belts, and these guys are going to make a lot of people sit up and take notice. Mark my words, this is a team of the near future.

The second game saw an upset--highly fancied South Africa going down to the England Over 35 Men. England have kept their finals hopes alive with this one, and this evenings games have taken on a real edge now. Don't touch that dial!


And now . . . . .

The first final--the 19&Under Girls, New Zealand v Australia. The winner goes into the Grand Final against South Africa.
New Zealand have won just one game, against South Africa. Australia lost both its games against South Africa, but just. However, what do the Australians feel, knowing the NZ did what they just couldn't quite manage?
Any of the 3 teams can win this one. Undoubtedly. And today? Well, we said yesterday that NZ liked the feeling of winning so much they just might do it again real soon . . . . we think today might just be that day, but to beat Australia they're going to have to play particularly well. We think they can . . . so hang around and see if they do.

And it's underway--in front of a large and very vocal crowd, New Zealand have restricted the Australians to 95. The New Zealand innings is just beginning.

And now it's ended . . . New Zealand win yet another fine, close game and advance to the Grand Final where they meet South Africa.


The Over 35 Men finish their qualifying games tonight. South Africa play Sri Lanka, and England take on New Zealand. The points are such that England can still make the finals.

Current points--
Australia 51 --already qualified for GF.
South Africa 26.5
New Zealand 25.5
England 21
Sri Lanka 2

This means
England have to win, and take at least 3 skins against New Zealand to get into the semi-final.
New Zealand can lose but must win at least 2 skins to make the semis.
South Africa just have to pick up one skin to be the other semi-finalist.

South Africa defeated the very popular Sri Lankans 141 to 47. And New Zealand defeated England, 139 to 35.

So it's goodbye to Sri Lanka and England, and New Zealand v South Africa in tomorrow's Semi-Final.

Semi-Final of the Over 30 Women, and New Zealand have set South Africa an imposing total to chase: 173. South African innings just beginning.
And it's New Zealand into the Grand Final. South Africa scored 32.

In the Semi-Final of the Under 19 Boys, South Africa have scored 100. New Zealand's innings just about to begin.
It's beginning to sound a bit trite, but it's not--another superb game. South Africa through to the Grand Final in a sensational finish--further report later tonight, but folks, it really was sensational!!

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