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If it's indoors, and it's in New Zealand, Action Indoor Sports Stadiums has it covered



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Tournament officially opened
In the Main Hall of the lovely Christchurch Arts Centre, Mark Cini welcomed players, officials and supporters from England, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand.

Special tribute was paid to the World Indoor Cricket Federation Excecutive's role in combining the Over 30 Women and Under-19 Boys and Girls. Mark also spoke of the friendship and camaraderie which exists amongst all those present who have been involved in the previous Masters or World Cups, and we at Indoor Cricket World were rapt to meet up again with many, many friends who have made their way to Christchurch. And the first game is just two and a half hours away . .

And almost everyone was dressed for the occassion.

We've set up at the centre now, people are slowly coming in. The England team have arrived and are just having a look around. First game begins in an hour. Don't forget, the results will be posted on the Results pages as they occur, and each of our Day-By-Day reports will just give you a quick summary of the games played and any other happenings that we think are of interest.

And we're away!

Australia Over-35 Men easily accounted for England in the first game. Joe Crocker, one of our lady umpires, had the honour of officiating over the first game. Nepia Stewart was scorer.

The second game was a much closer affair, with the South African Over-35 Men recording a 26 run victory over New Zealand.

In the first 19 and Under game of the tournament, the Australian girls scored 158 to New Zealand's 122 in a very entertaining game.

In the Boys, South Africa scored 96 to New Zealand's 80, in a game notable for the quality and pace of some of the bowling.

In the Over 35 Men, England recorded their first win, over Sri Lanka. As with last year's World Cup, these two teams once again gave us a very close, exciting and high scoring game.

And in the final game for the night, Australia Over 35 Men were far too strong for New Zealand, winning by a massive 85 runs.

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