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International Under 19's 2003

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Game 3

Under 19 Girls

New Zealand v Australia

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In a highly entertaining game, the New Zealand girls couldn't quite match the Australian total of 158. New Zealand took one skin from the game, and Australia can thank their last pair for a superb 54 run partnership. In the end that was the difference between the two sides.

Paulson and Harris opened for Australia, and got them of to a great start, losing only one wicket (to Steele in the fourth over).

Ford and Hill were next, losing a stumping in their first over and a runout in their second for scores of 4 and 0. They then took 17 off Pitcher, and finished with 6 off their last over, for a skin of 27.

Rosten and Martin continued the momentum with 13 of their first over. They then scored 2 and 8, then finished off with another 13, for a skin of 36 and a total of 104.

Rimmington and Thiele finished off the innings--and how. Scoring 15, 13, 20 and 6, they took their skin to 54, and their team total to an imposing 158.

Neilson and O'Reilly began the chase for New Zealand. With 10, 11 and 14, they needed 7 off their last over for the skin . . . and just missed out, losing a wicket with one ball to go and the skin already gained. Despite a rebowled wide, they finished their partnership on 40, just one run short of the skin. But it was still a great start.

Dumper and Dickie followed. Losing a wicket first ball (Rimmington) was not the ideal start, but they persisted with scores of 2, 9, 4 and 5, for a skin of 20. At the halfway mark, New Zealand were 60.

Pitcher and Kelly suffered an early (second ball) setback when Pitcher was bowled by Ford for 1 off the over, but they fought back superbly with scores of 10, 21 and 10, for a skin of 42. But they still needed 57 to win, from 4 overs.

Steele and Watterus finished the innings. A runout in their first over for minus 1, then a hat-trick (bowled, caught, bowled) in the next for minus 5 and Australia were safe. But the New Zealanders fought it out to the finish, taking 15 and 11 from the last two overs, for a skin of 20 and a team total of 122.

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