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World Masters
International Under 19's 2003

Blast from the Past

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Players of the Series

19 and Under Girls

Rikki-Lee Rimmington
(Queensland, Australia)

Runners up:
2nd: C. de Villiers (South Africa)
3rd: R. Paulson (Australia)
4th: T. Watterus (New Zealand)
5th: H. Frylinck (South Africa)

19 and Under Boys

Ty Hopes
(Western Australia)

Runners up:
2nd: C. Howe (Australia)
3rd: C. Botma (South Africa)
4th: D. Teege (Australia)
5th: Q. Lubbe (South Africa)

Over 30 Women

Kylie Holman
(Victoria, Australia)

Runners up:
2nd: D. Jones (Australia)
3rd: F. Byrnes (Australia)
4th: S. Geddes (Australia)
5th: A. van Vuuren (South Africa)

Over 35 Men

Ensten Steyn
(Gauteng North, South Africa)

Runners up:
2nd: A. Mughal (England)
3rd: J. Homfray (Australia)
4th: K. Farley (Australia)
5th: R. Kerr (New Zealand)


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