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If it's indoors, and it's in New Zealand, Action Indoor Sports Stadiums has it covered



Less than six months after our last trip to cover the Indoor Cricket World Cup, here we are again in New Zealand--this time in Christchurch. Christchurch is on the South Island of New Zealand, about an hour's flight from Auckland. New Zealand time is GMT+12 hours.

We arrived yesterday, then spent the day sorting out our hire-car and trying to adjust to the NZ time zone by taking lots of naps. The weather was fine and mild--mostly cloudy, no wind, and the temperature was a pleasant and comfortable 17C, dropping to about 7C during the evening. Certainly not the Antarctic conditions we were told to expect, but we've still got a couple of weeks here so we'll not count too many chickens yet.

As of 10:30am today, all teams have arrived. We saw the New Zealand and Australian Women, and the England Men, out at the centre today, everyone looking fit and eager to get going. Also made first contact with the Australian Under-19 Girls through meeting up with Jo and Diane.

Preparations underway at the centre in readiness for the competition to begin . . . like checking out the ice-cream selections.

The weather today was stunning--brilliant blue skies, no wind, up around 20C. And as the centre has large skylights, any games played on sunny days will have excellent light conditions.

Christopher Barnatt, whose Dad plays for England, enjoying making huge bubbles at the Art Centre market.

And because it was such a beautiful day, my support crew (Annie, Eloise and Phoebe) and I spent some time driving around Christchurch and surrounds, eventually making our way to the magnificent Antarctic Centre. Eloise had her first experience of real snow, and Phoebe totally maxed-out on her favourite animals, Penguins.


Later tonight I'll visit the centre again and have a look at some more teams as they prepare for tomorrow's games. In the meantime, I think another nap or three is in order.

But wait, there's more: a knock on the door, and in walked 4 of the umpires to meet the Indoor Cricket World support crew. We also bumped into most of the South African and New Zealand Men, Lyndon and Hiran from Sri Lanka, and Steve Hirini. It's great to renew acquaintances with all the people we met at the inaugural Masters in Perth, and the World Cup in Wellington. New Zealand really is beginning to feel like home away from home.

Tomorrow we have the welcoming and opening ceremony at the Christchurch Arts Centre in the morning, and then the competition begins in the afternoon. We'll see you all then . . .

We'd been told it was cold in Christchurch. Well, it wasn't really, but we did find some real cold: minus 5 deg indoors at the Antarctic Centre.

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