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If it's indoors, and it's in New Zealand, Action Indoor Sports Stadiums has it covered



Well, here we go again--once again it's the Under 19 competition providing the entertainment, this time the Boys. South Africa just recorded a thrilling win over New Zealand, 153 to 145. But it was actually even closer--with one ball to go, New Zealand needed 3 to tie, 4 to win.

Australia vs South Africa in the Over 30 Women next. Australia scored well, posting an imposing 175 with only one skin under 40. South Africa found it too big a total, registering 51 runs in a comprehensive win for the Australians.

Over 35 Men, with host New Zealand taking on Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka set a very modest 69, and New Zealand had it covered by the seventh over, ultimately making 199. Sri Lanka took one skin. A note on Sri Lanka--some very good cricketers amongst them, but they have yet to mould into very good INDOOR cricketers. Their inexperience is costing them games, not a lack of cricket skills. Don't worry, they're learning this game of ours all the time, and they'll be back . . .

Over 35 Men again, this time South Africa vs Australia. South Africa posted 108, but it was not nearly enough--Australia equalled the score after 12 overs, and went on to a comfortable win, scoring 134.

And it looks like there's a huge upset coming up . . . stay tuned . . . . well, perhaps not a huge upset, but an upset all the same. The New Zealand Under 19 Girls have just recorded their first International win, defeating South Africa. New Zealand scored 121, and South Africa managed 62 in reply.

New Zealand Under 19 Boys took on Australia next. Australia rattled up a very solid 147 and never really let New Zealand in. Australia won each skin, with New Zealand scoring 61.

Over 35 Men again--Australia vs New Zealand. An emphatic display by the Australians, restricting NZ to 48, then scoring 130. Despite the comprehensive loss, NZ did manage to win one skin.

Over 30 Women action again: New Zealand vs Australia. Australia continues its great form, scoring 160 and restricting NZ to just half of that, 80.

The final game for today saw the England Over 35 Men playing Sri Lanka. Game still in progress . . . . Sri Lanka scored 80 (but were 81 after eight overs), and England won, scoring 145.

See you tomorrow . . . and more photos will be added to the Photo Gallery later tonight.

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