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If it's indoors, and it's in New Zealand, Action Indoor Sports Stadiums has it covered



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Worth the airfare!!!!!
Two games so far today: Over 30 Women, Australia vs South Africa, and the absolutely standout game of the tournament so far, the 19 & Under Girls, South Africa vs Australia.

In the Over 30 Women, Australia posted 158 (which is the third time in 7 games that a side has scored 158). South Africa scored 111 in reply.

And then the spectacle of the 19&Under Girls. Australia set the South Africans an imposing 164 runs to win. But not quite imposing enough. In the best, most exciting, and definitely most vocally supported game so far, the South African Girls chased and passed the score, recording an absolutely sensational win. It really was worth the airfare to see this one.

The Over 35 Men saw South Africa record a tight win over England, 110 to 98.

And the Australian Over 35 Men posted a mammoth 235 to record an easy win over Sri Lanka. Australia did not lose a wicket in the game, and their third partnership was a staggering 75 runs.

The 19&Under Boys then took the court. Australia batted first and scored a very solid 143. That was too much on the day for the South African Boys, who scored 94.

The South African Under 19 Girls met New Zealand in the next game. New Zealand scored 113. South Africa had to work hard to get the runs, but they managed to do so, posting 133 runs. And they won every skin.

Back to the Womens Over 30. This time it's New Zealand v South Africa. Batting first, New Zealand scored a massive 188. South Africa were well and truly held, restricted to 88. A 100 run winning margin to the hosts.

The South African Over 35 Men then took on the Australians. Batting first, Australia posted 145. Despite winning one skin, South Africa never really got going in the chase, eventually scoring 106.

New Zealand Under 19 Boys then met Australia. Batting first, New Zealand struggled to 76, and Australia moved on to a big victory, scoring 141 and picking up all the skins on the way.

The final game was between the Sri Lankan and New Zealand Over 35 Men. New Zealand welcomed back Robbie Kerr, and celebrated his inclusion by scoring 176. Sri Lanka in reply scored 34.

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