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Brad Zeller, Australian Women's Coach

Interview with Brad Zeller, current Australian Women's Indoor Cricket team


Indoor Cricket World: Other than Indoor Cricket, what sports do you play?

Brad Zeller: I play indoor soccer and volleyball. I also play outdoor cricket, but not seriously anymore.

ICW: What are your favourite spectator sports?

BZ: Australian Rules Football, Ice Hockey and Boxing.

ICW: Do you admire any particular coaches of other sports?

BZ: There are two coaches who I think set a nearly unattainable level, and they are Leigh Mathews (Brisbane Lions - Australian Rules Football) and Wayne Bennett (Broncos - Rugby League). Mathews' record speaks for itself: one of the greatest players of all time, he has turned his ability into coaching and taken two clubs to Premierships in one of the fiercest competitions going.
As for Bennett--no matter what group of players he coaches, he always seems to get the best out of them. Take the Broncos for example: no one ever writes them off no matter how much the team may change week to week, or year to year.

ICW: You started playing indoor cricket when you were seventeen years old. Had you played outdoor cricket before then?

BZ: I have an outdoor background as do most players, especially the men. I started playing when I was 10 years old with a club called Wests. I moved onto the senior ranks with a club called Railways and was playing A grade when I was 14. I moved to Brisbane at age 18 and played there for 5 years before giving it away and concentrating on work and indoor cricket. I played oneday cricket on Sundays for a few years from time to time. I could not commit seriously to outdoor which is why I stopped playing on Saturdays as I believe if you can't give it 100% you end up letting yourself and others down.

ICW: You mention that most players have an outdoor background. Do you think this is essential to be a successful Indoor Cricket player?

BZ: No, definitely not. You do not need an outdoor background to be successful at indoor cricket. The Queensland Womens team are a perfect example. When I took on the coaching role in 1998 only 4 of them had played outdoor cricket. Today it is even less. Yet these women have gone on to win 3 out of the last 4 Nationals. This year again, the side changed dramatically, leaving only two who play outdoor.

ICW: Okay, what about those who do play both indoor and outdoor cricket. Doesn't Indoor ruin the skills of an outdoor player?

BZ: As far as indoor spoiling your outdoor, well, we hear it said all the time. But I think it's an excuse used by players who cannot take the next step in outdoor, or coaches who do not have the ability to work with what they have. It's easier to blame something so they blame Indoor Cricket. Lets face it, if you are not going to play outdoor for your State, why should playing indoor concern you anyway? If you are good enough you will make it. It never seemed to harm Steve or Mark Waugh too much. They both played Indoor Cricket for New South Wales for a couple of years without any detrimental effects (ICW: see "Blast from the Past" or "Famous Sons" for details of the Waugh twins playing indoor cricket for NSW). They are two players of many that have played indoor with no evidence it has harmed them in any way (ICW: Mark Waugh recently "blamed" Indoor Cricket for his fine close-in fielding skills).

To be continued -- the next part of the Brad Zeller Interview coming soon (later in December 2001)

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