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The Game

Basic Strategy

The Rules


SCORING - zones

Standard court scoring zones

Basically, what all this means is:

If a batsman/woman hits the ball into the net, they score the bonus runs (that is, runs in addition to the physical runs they run.....if you see what I mean) relevant to the  section of the net (or "zone"), they hit. Simple really.

Of course, the ball must be hit by the bat and/or the hand/s holding the bat at the moment of contact. The ball can hit a fielder (it often does) or the non-striker (as long as the non-striker doesn't deliberately make such contact) and then rebound into the net .... the bonus runs still apply.

A ball hit by the batsman into his/her legs or body, then rebounding onto the net, still scores the relevant bonus runs (as it has actually been hit by the bat).

Should the ball hit the net after being thrown by a fielder, or if it was not hit by the bat or the batsman/woman's hand/s holding the bat, the bonus runs are not scored.

Any ball which hits a side net (Zone B or C) then goes on to hit the back net (Zone D) scores 3 bonus runs (whether on the full or along the ground). Only balls hit on the full directly to the back net (Zone D) score 6 bonus runs. A ball may be hit to the back net, on the full, and touch the non-striker and/or a fielder on the way. This is still considered as "hit directly to the back net" because it didn't touch any other net or the ground on the way. Therefore, 6 bonus runs still apply.

All the above is covered in further detail in the Rules section.

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