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Photography on Indoor Cricket World
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The 2011 Australian National Indoor Cricket Championships were held in Perth, at the Ballajura Indoor Cricket Centre. Indoor Cricket World (Dusty Dingo Photography) were there photographing the whole event, and the photos are available for viewing and purchase. Photographs of the 2011 Australian Open Championships (Indoor Cricket) are HERE. . Please note these photos are being added to all the time so check regularly over the first couple of weeks of August to see the new additions.

As with all the site, these pages too are under review and are progressively being updated as of February 2011. We have recovered much of our photographic archive and pretty well all of our previously published galleries are complete once again. However, if you do find a dead link or two, please bear with us, we are working on it. But by all means, drop us a line to let us know too if you like, comments/feedback from visitors is welcome as always.

In the meantime, we have selected some of our favourites from our coverage of the World Masters and Under 19s in New Zealand for your entertainment

Exclusive photographs of the Ryan Campbell Testimonial Twenty/20 Cricket Match (17/11/06)


Photographs of the 2006 Australian Masters:

Banner of State shirts

Well, another Masters has come and gone....and this one lived up to the reputation of the Masters being, in my opinion at least, the most enjoyable of the lot. I've umpired Australian Indoor Cricket Opens and Masters, played in Australian Masters for a decade, and covered an Indoor Cricket World Cup, World Masters/19 and Unders and Australian Masters as photographer, and I still believe this tournament is the best of them all ! ! ! Well done and thank you to everyone involved. And as always it was fantastic catching up with the many friends from around the country again, sorta like one huge extended family who get together once a year for a yarn and a beer. And new friends too--a pleasure meeting up with the South African lads, let's hope you can continue your involvement in this tournament in the future.

Banner of state shirts

Buying Photographs. Ah yes, Prints. Have a stroll through the galleries, decide if you want any prints, then just email me. All I need to know is the title (file number) of required photo (attached to each photo in the galleries, _SGL0091 or _SGL0014 for example); the required size (Large or Small); and the actual number (quantity) of each photo.

The Large prints are a whopping 12" x 8" (youngsters who don't know what that means, ask an oldie), professionally printed on Professional Quality Fuji Crystal Archive Photographic Paper, and are $25 each. Those who have already purchased Large prints or who saw them during the tournament know just how sensational the large prints are.

That's not to say the smaller prints aren't cool too; they are :) The smaller prints are 10 x 15 cm (approx 6" x 4"), are printed on the same professional quality paper and are $5 each. Larger sizes are of course possible, please email me to discuss.

Payment: Direct Credit into my bank account is proving most popular with customers, but Money Orders are also acceptable. Details provided when you place your order.

So take a stroll through the galleries, leave a note in our Guestbook if you like, and click here to email me if you would like to buy some prints....


Queensland clean-swept all divisions

PLEASE NOTE:the images in the galleries have been prepared for viewing on the internet only, so they are not the same high-quality as your prints well be: for example, some images in galleries may appear a little too dark. THIS WILL BE RECTIFIED WHEN THE IMAGE IS PRINTED--every print ordered is individually edited to ensure the best possible image quality for brightness and sharpness

UPDATE: Due to many requests, I have decided to publish every photograph from the tournament. Due to the very large number of prints, many of the "new" ones published have not been edited yet, so some will appear to be very dark. This will be fixed when your prints are being prepared. For example, click HERE to see what a photo looks like 'before-and-after' editing.

2006 Australian Masters Photographs:

Masters Gallery 1 | Masters Gallery 1a | Masters Gallery 2

Masters Gallery 2a | Masters Gallery 3 | Masters Gallery 3a

Masters Gallery 4 | Masters Gallery 5 | Masters Gallery 6

Masters Gallery 7

The Ryan Campbell Testimonial Twenty/20 Celebrity Cricket Match was held on November 16, 2006. Photographs are ready for viewing, with more scheduled to be added over the weekend of 25/26th November.

Details on how to purchase prints will be published here and on the Yields For Fields website early in the week beginning November 27.

Please note the photos in the Galleries are low-resolution, for faster loading and display. The actual photographs are very high resolution, sufficient for stunning prints all the way up to A2 size and beyond.

Gallery 1 | Gallery 2

Gallery of selected photographs from the 2002 World Cup and the 2003 World Masters & Under 19s. Details of full collections below:

Indoor Cricket World has the most extensive collection of photographs taken at various tournaments around the world. Our photographs were used on the official posters for the 2002 Indoor Cricket World Cup held in Wellington, New Zealand, featured on the official posters for the World Masters and International Under 19 Boys and Girls championships held in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2003, have been used extensively in the UK to promote the sport and the next World Cup to be held there, and some have been recently (2006) licensed for use in an international advertising campaign for a Sports-Insurance company.

Photographs from the 2002 World Cup are still available for purchase on photoCDs, organised into teams, as are Photographs from the 2003 Masters and Under 19 Championships held in New Zealand.

Up until very recently all our photographs were taken on standard 35mm film cameras (a couple of reliable Nikons, an FE and an FE2) by Indoor Cricket World's photographer, and processed directly onto CD. The images were then manipulated for optimum viewing/printing, resized and burned onto individual team CDs. Large-sized copies of all our photographs are available for commercial use as non-compressed tiffs, price on enquiry. However, since early 2006, we have added a 10.5 megapixel Nikon D200 DSLR to our arsenal--all the photos of the 2006 Australian Masters were taken on this sensational new camera.

Copies of our photographs which appear on the pages of Indoor Cricket World have been resized to make them more bandwidth-friendly. Indoor Cricket World photos may be reproduced for non-commercial or personal use. Please, if you are going to use any of our photos or images for public viewing (eg webpages), print an acknowledgement of their source, including a link to Indoor Cricket World (preferably this page), and let us know you are using them and where they are going to appear. We would hate to have to configure our pages to prevent anyone downloading our images due to people "borrowing" our images without due acknowledgement.

Full Collections available for viewing:

World Masters 2001 | World Cup 2002 | World Masters/Under 19 Boys & Girls 2003

Australian Masters (Perth 2004) | Australian Masters (Perth 2006)

Unless marked or clearly identified as otherwise, all images and photographs are the original work of the author, who retains copyright and ownership. For enquiries on the use and/or purchase of photographs, please contact us. Textual content is also the original work of the author (unless marked or identified as otherwise) and subject to copyright and the author's ownership. Please Contact Us for information on use of any content of these pages.

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