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Acccording to the AICF rules, umpires must order off:

  • Any player whose conduct is extreme (eg. striking or threatening behaviour). I'd add becoming (and staying) vocally abusive toward the umpire, other players, spectators-anyone in fact. Except for Channel 9 (Australia) television cricket commentators--they deserve all the abuse any one mortal could hurl their way.
  • Any player who has been the cause of 2 separate penalties for misconduct being awarded against their team. These obviously would have been instances of misconduct that the umpire decided did not warrant sending off the first time . . .
  • Now, it gets a tad confusing here: Rule 19 actually states that a player can incur a run-penalty for misconduct (and amongst the examples given is striking another player), but rule 20 states that a player must be ordered off for striking another player. Generally I'd agree with rule 20's version over rule 19's for a player striking someone.

The AICF rules go on to state that:

  • The umpire is the sole judge of what constitutes extreme misconduct. Indeed!
  • A player ordered off the court will take no further part in the game.
    Now, I have no real problem with this rule . . . but I think there may be room in our sport for certain infringements to attract both a run-penalty plus removal of the offender for a certain number of overs. The offending player is shown the behaviour is not tolerated on the court, but has the opportunity to cool down and return to the game. . . only for minor-ish breaches of the misconduct rule mind you . . . like equipment abuse, or too much back-chat to the umpire after being warned to stop. I think a lot of ego-driven wannabees would quickly come back down to planet Earth if this was adopted . . .

A player ordered off will not be replaced. Teams are to revert to the Player Short Rule [Rule 8] for the batting and bowling. Unless my "sin-box" suggestion above gains currency of course . . .


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